Print Design – Clean Channel Dredging Large Format/Trade Show Graphic

Large Format Trade Show Graphics - Print Design - by Krunch Time Design

Print Design - Clean Channel Dredging Large Format/Trade Show Graphics by Krunch Time Design

Client: Clean Channel Dredging
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop
Services: Print Design, Graphic Design, Vendor Research,
Additional Details: Krunch Time Design created this 8-foot curved back wall graphic design to attract Austin Boat Show attendees to the Clean Channel Dredging Booth. It was partnered with a pop-up banner (also designed by Krunch Time Design) that included real customer quotes (side 1)  and before and after images (side 2) of waterfront property following the dredging process. Krunch Time Design also provided the simple design used on the podium.

Print Design – Dell “Power of You” A1 Poster Design

Client: Dell
Software: Photoshop, InDesign
Services: Graphic Design, Production
Additional Details: After the success of the previous years “Because of You” campaign (which we helped produce), Dell rolled out this “Power of You” campaign to further celebrate it’s employee accomplishments. We were asked to join the team and again produced 200+ marketing pieces that were distributed to Dell offices all over the world. This poster was one of many marketing materials produced for this effort.

Print Design – Freescale Benefits Table Tent

 Print Design - Freescale Benefits Table Tent

Client: Freescale
Software: InDesign, Photoshop
Services: graphic design
Additional details: Freescale had a preexisting file that they needed updated with a new look, color scheme and updated copy.  We were able to provide that graphic design service in a short time frame with this table tent file.